Trezor App

The official wallet Trezor App - GitBook. An update for Trezor Suite (version 22.9.3) is now ready to install. To download and apply …

Starting with Trezor App

Welcome to the quick start guide for your new Trezor hardware wallet. This guide will help you set up your device for the first time.

Step 1: Connect Your Trezor

Plug your Trezor into your computer's USB port. Use the cable provided in the box for the best results.

Step 2: Visit the Trezor Setup Page

Open a web browser and navigate to Follow the on-screen instructions to begin the setup process.

Step 3: Install Trezor Bridge

Download and install the Trezor Bridge software on your computer. This software allows your computer and Trezor device to communicate securely.

Step 4: Create a New Wallet

Once Trezor Bridge is installed, the setup wizard will guide you through creating a new wallet. Follow the prompts to complete this process. Remember to write down and securely store your recovery seed.

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